Zach Bonner Reaches Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier was the final destination for Zach Bonner yesterday as he completed his “March Across America” with his red wagon close behind. Twelve year old Bonner began his walk from Tampa, Florida to Santa Monica, California on March 23. In nearly six months, he covered 2,500 miles — on foot — to raise awareness for homeless children in America.

Friends, family and local organizations joined him on the last stretch of his journey. Michael Guillen, chairman and president of Philanthropy Project, Mary Wong, president of Office Depot Foundation, singer Cody Simpson and other guests were also in attendance.

One year after the destruction of Hurricane Charley in 2004, six year old Bonner founded the nonprofit Little Red Wagon Foundation. Bonner would gather water and supplies for those victimized by the storm and use his red wagon to transport the goods to those in need.

Bonner is a young philanthropist who understands what it means to sacrifice and help others.  He is also the recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Bonner has no intention of putting away his walking shoes, as he continues to raise money and awareness for the homeless children in America.

For more information on Zach Bonner and his foundation, visit:

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