Join Will and Jada Smith This September, Birthdays Can Change The World

This September, join Will and Jada Smith by giving up your birthday for charity – charity:water, that is.  charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Four Septembers ago, the team of charity: water asked their friends to give up their birthdays and ask for donations instead of gifts. They used 100% of the money raised to build water projects. Every year, it got bigger. They’ve now helped over a million people get clean water.

Will and Jada Smith will be donating their September birthdays to charity: water and are asking for donations.

Will and Jada Smith said:

“We view contribution and service as a celebration of one’s gifts.  We celebrate the grace that has been bestowed upon us as we honor our gifts though sharing them.  There are men, women and children who, right now, do not have clean water to drink — we celebrate the fact that we are able to help quench their thirst.

“We believe every person on the planet should have access to clean drinking water.

“This year we celebrate our birthday by giving the gift of clean drinking water through charity: water.  Join us.  100% of the money raised goes to digging wells and to clean water projects in developing nations. 100% of our gifts will change the world, one person at a time.  And make your next birthday a celebration of your gifts by raising money for clean drinking water too.  We’ll take the top three fundraisers with us to Africa to see the wells when they’re built.”

Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water said, “charity: water is extremely honored to have the support of Will and Jada Smith. Their enthusiasm for the cause is inspirational and we’re excited to work together to help make a real dent in the water crisis. Our goal is to motivate others to join the birthday movement. Together, we can bring clean and safe drinking water to those in need.”

It’s hard to imagine a life without water. Most of us have never really been thirsty. Walking five miles just for a glass of water seems absurd as we turn on the tap and fill up as many glasses and pitchers as we want. However, there are literally billions of people on the planet that don’t have clean water. That about one in eight people; in other words, one in eight people don’t’ have access to the most basic human need: clean water.

In 2004, Scott left his life in New York City and made his way to West Africa. Scott had made a living in NYC by promoting top nightclubs and fashion events, living “selfishly and arrogantly.” Scott realized he was spiritual lost and wondered what the opposite of his life would look like. Scott signed up for volunteer service aboard a floating hospital with a group called Mercy Ships. This organization offered free medical care to the world’s poorest nations. Scott was in contact with people who, at one time, had lived his lifestyle but decided to do something significant and meaningful. Scott documented this trip as a photojournalist and through the lens, his life was changed.

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