What Does E=MC^2 Mean to You?

Moving fast, relatively.

Einstein’s equation describing the theory of relativity is seen often as proof of the scientific worldview of reality. But what does it mean in your everyday life?

The E in the equation stands for energy. The M stands for mass. The C is a mathematical constant to equalize the differing units of measurement of mass and energy.

The equation is stating that mass and energy are constant and interchangeable, different forms of the same thing. And though they may change form it will be in a manner where neither energy or mass disappear.

There is a measurable amount of electrical energy running through the human body. When we “die” this energy ceases to exist in our bodily system. But according to the theory of relativity energy cannot be lost- it can only change form.

To what form? Who knows!

But you can be sure that one way or another your energy will become something else- E=MC^2 tells us so!

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