Quickly name one person that worked for or currently works for Enron, BP, AIG, Worldcom. I think I remember some guy named Tony was a CEO for BP. Tony has since taken another cushy three letter title at another four letter company. Doesn’t matter, he’s safe now. He’s safe like most of the other people we have no clue about who are responsible for billions of dollars (or more) worth of theft or damage to our society and planet.

Maybe the problem is with the English alphabet. Maybe if we remove those 26 letters we can stop crooks from hiding behind those characters. I bet if a survey was taken, less than half of the U.S. population could tell you what CEO stands for. Why don’t we smear their faces across the media everyday? Let’s give them prominent Face Book and Twitter pages. Lets follow their future moves and the companies that dare covet them. Let’s know their former crimes, salaries, punishment, if any, and where they’re humping from now.

How do these people get jobs after these crimes? Maybe our society is conditioned to not recognize a crime until you’re caught? Or maybe these new companies that hire these post-scandal individuals owe them some big favors.

Tell me if you recognize this pattern. A crime is exposed and a party is accused, the party adamantly denies, then reluctantly admits, then the crime goes under review by a group of parallel crooks that form a committee (over two years) that comes to a conclusion years later. This conclusion is really old news at this point because the media has since moved on to the next story.

It seems this house of cards will always remain because everyone has something on everyone.

I think we should put their faces on trading cards, make it into a game like “Magic,” and give these decks away to kids attending business schools. No wait, it’s too late by then, ethics are developed earlier. Instead, lets pass them out with Sillybandz in the second grade.

We have to somehow keep these horrible people in the spot light. Let’s start off every news day with a “where are they now?” segment of these jerks.

The old saying, “safety in numbers” is bankrupting this country. There would be fewer thieves if there was more light.

Make it a good day,


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