The Memory of Muscles


How do our brains store memories? In a physiological sense it seems to have something do with small electrical impulses that exist in the tissues of the brain.

But if memories exist in this manner then other parts of our bodies have a memory as well.

A coach might speak of “muscle memory”. They mean learning a physical action so well the control of the brain is no longer needed. The movement instead seems directly motivated by the muscles involved. How else could athletes and martial artists move so quickly?

This is why movement can change your mood so effectively. Unconsciously our bodies can move into a poor posture or shallow breathing pattern that triggers bad muscle memories. These ingrained physical habits reinforce and deepen these patterns. The bad muscle memories can work their way up to become a bad mood.

Running, dancing, walking, anything to break the pattern and make the muscles “forget” the negative conditioning has a direct physical effect on the workings of your brain. Plus the need for oxygen forces our lungs to breathe the long full breaths vital for relaxation and health. Muscle memory is the focus of such modern modalities as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as well as a host of other techniques both modern and ancient

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