Brains free driving.

We saw this coming. We knew that dialing, talking, texting, tuning, programming, searching, adjusting, reading, lighting, and other “ings” are dangerous while driving. We’ve allowed multi tasking driving to be okay or the norm.

Have you ever honked at someone who’s oblivious that it’s their turn to drive and been given “that look”? The look that screams, “I’m the bad guy” because I interrupted their call.

Today we’re busy, state by state, legally trying to correct this avoidable new driving culture. Or is it too late? Is texting and talking too common already? Will using your gadget become a risk/reward decision contemplated by each driver? Sort of like speeding.

How will the new laws read? Will they prevent any current and future distractions or only cell phones? They call it, “hands free” but in reality you can be plenty distracted with your hands on the wheel.

New gadget technology isn’t the only thing making us worse drivers, new car technology is too. Many new cars advertise they make us safer. These cars even break for us when we’re, “not paying attention.”

These self avoiding, breaking, and parallel parking cars are telling us it’s okay not to be able to do these things. Forget having to physically turn your body to see if a lane is open, our car will. People today don’t even use their turn signal.

I believe that during our driving education, one requirement should be to pass a driving test in an ice storm while under some sort of duress. The duress situation could be texting a grocery list while “GPSing” the nearest golf course and registering a foursome online, with a cart.

The argument against that proposed driving test is obvious. Who golfs in the winter?

Make it a good day,


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