A River of Health

Along with the respiratory(breathing) and circulatory(bloodstream) systems, the lymphatic system plays a crucial role in maintaining and regaining health against illness.

The lymphatic system creates and distributes the clear fluid that lubricates our joints and brain and is crucial in carrying waste products away from our cells. Unlike the respiratory system which is driven by the lungs and the circulatory system which is driven by the heart- the lymphatic system has no such dedicated pump and must rely on the movement of the surrounding muscles. A headache can be caused by inactivity not forcing enough lymphatic fluid into the brain and can be alleviated by a neck-rub(which can stimulate movement of the lymphatic fluid) or a glass of water (which replenishes the inner reservoirs of fluid).

Sometimes we can rest for too long when we are ill. Getting up and doing some easy walking or stretching activates your lymphatic system, whisking away waste materials and giving you a relaxed feeling by bringing fresh lymphatic fluid to the brain. If you are too weak to get up even small movements in bed can help. Massage can also aid the movement of the lymphatic system. 

This final cleansing of the tissues is important because even after a sickness has been defeated the waste products created by the sickness must be removed for your body to return to normal function.

Let an active lymphatic system be your river to health!

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