Why Is The Sound Of OM?

If you have ever attended a yoga class (or seen one on tv!) you undoubtedly have heard the long chanted OM sound that begins and ends the period of exercise. The sound is often described in metaphorical terms by the teacher and is used ceremonially to help the transition between exercise and daily life. But beyond these meanings the OM sound has actual physiological properties that help aid in the body’s natural healing process.

The effect of the OM sound is explained by the physics of sympathetic vibration. If you tap a crystal goblet it will vibrate at a certain tone. If that same tone is reproduced by an opera singer say, the goblet will begin to vibrate in sympathy with that noise. Most of us have probably felt our bodies shake when especially sound is experienced.

By chanting together yoga practitioners make a sound that should have the same sympathetic effect on the human body.  An extended tone made at the right frequency will gently vibrate our organs and tissues, breaking up old, waste materials from our cells and aiding the systems that clean our bodies and keep us healthy.  Additionally, in the same way that tapping  an exterior part of your body brings attention, blood flow, and electro-magnetic energy to that area of the body, vibrations that occur within your body can bring your bodies healing attention to that area. 

This is why vibrational therapy is used in hospitals to speed recovery of broken bones. 

Especially  intuitive or well-trained natural healers will treat illness by crafting a healing song whose specific tonalities vibrate in sympathy with the affected area.  In this way they can do a kind of non-invasive surgery whose intent is to gently vibrate blockages away from an affected area as well as center the human body’s natural immune system in the area of sickness.

So next time you hear the sound of OM try to locate where it is inside your body.  And let the sympathetic healing vibrations help massage your insides to health!

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