Feeling The Energy

Maybe you have read about the healing power of chi or ki energy or heard it described but feel you will never experience this “mysterious” phenomenon yourself. Though differing from many western concepts there are physiological explanations for this energy. In brief it is the energy that your muscles use to contract- as well as the muscle memory stored in your body much like a battery stores electrical energy.

If you like there are several ways to increase your sensitivity to this true “sixth sense”.  Consider perhaps the idea that you may already feel ki energy but are so familiar with the sensation that you identify it as something else. Have you ever felt the hairs on your neck rise when speaking of the supernatural? Or performed an athletic or artistic feat without seeming to think about it? When an incredibly performing athlete is described as “feeling it” what they are feeling is their own ki energy.

You can begin by closing your eyes and tapping all ten fingertips together perfectly in the center of your chest until the blood flow has increased and your attention is fully focused in your hands.

The sensation of ki energy in the fingertips can be described as a feeling of slight magnetic resistance and warmth. With your eyes closed you may seen a pattern of lights than may signify a change in your perceptual level.  Advanced practitioners seem to be able to use their hands and sense of ki to correctly judge the health of organs through the human body- much like a primitive MRI.

Just as radio, television, internet and other signals are invisible until translated into a frequency we can sense, so ki energy can be thought of as an electro-magnetic vibration that exists on frequencies just off the levels of those never trained in its use.

By mentally adjusting the concept of what is acceptable physical stimuli it is possible to increase your sensitivity to this energy and ultimately to positively effect the electromagnetic blueprint that helps form our physical body!

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