Social networking…guilty until proven innocent.

I’m not a gadget guy, I can’t keep up with the latest technology and I don’t want too. I think many gadgets got it right a long time ago.  I don’t want their newer version.  But because I don’t voluntarily participate in every technological step, doesn’t mean I’m not part of it.  It doesn’t mean I’m immune to it.  It’s not up to me.

With any technology, good people will do good things with it and bad people will do bad.  That’s the way it is.

Hackers cost us billions each year.  Think about that, billions because bad people have fun with their knowledge.   Identity theft has become so common banks put “the burden” of proving it wasn’t us on us.  That’s a neat trick but they pulled it off.

Cyber bullying is becoming more common every day and the results are sometimes fatal.

Many of the top ten most used websites are based on social networking.  That’s billions of people combined using these sites.

Today, you can create some very interesting photos from programs like “Photoshop”.  You can put your best friend in a dress even if he’s never owned one.  It can be funny or it can be cruel.  Again it depends on how it’s used.

With low cost HD technology it seems many of us are Hollywood directors.  Many businesses are asking us to create their commercials.  It’s a smart move for them.  They get endless ideas at a very cheap production cost.  My worry is soon we may all be in danger of proving our innocence.  

Every second people post a picture on Flickr, Face Book, or a video on YouTube etc.   This info is shared and sold.  Data is a big big business.  So in short, if you’re on the web, you will stay there.

What happens when this technology is available beyond still photos, when it becomes common place in video format?  The time will soon come when we can take anyone’s face or body and insert them into another video.

This technology is only available to a select few now because it’s expensive, rough, time consuming, and not for the every day programmer.  But over time, like all programs, simplified cheaper versions will emerge making it available to the common hacker.

Prepare to defend your image, your quotes, your job, and your wedding vows.  Technology may never become a safe entity unless bad people go away.

Even if you do prove your innocence, you may always be pegged as the guy who fancies wearing lingerie.  If this happens to me, please hackers put me in a one piece.

Make it a good day,


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