The Space Between

Look at a wall or chair. They look and feel solid and in our imagination they seem dense and impenetrable. But in reality that wall or chair is almost nothing but empty space- a space defined by tiny circling neurons.

Imagine the planets circling the sun and the vast amount of space defined by their orbits, as empty as outer space is, that is actually how empty the space we define as solid matter is. Matter is like a cloud made up of possible locations of moving points, mainly empty but with small particles existing in its space periodically like little fireflies in a dark night. So in the very space that we occupy that is literally room for millions of other entities composed of tiny moving particles as well.

Where do magical creatures and ghosts and fantastic events come from and where do they go? It seems that they could be existing right here with us right now in the vast emptiness of inner space. Imagine their tiny particles moving in such a way that they do not collide with ours, much like a meteor storm travelling through the emptiness of our solar system. Or imagine two clouds passing through each other by using the empty space between the molecules.

Modern physics has shown us that “reality” is much more elastic than we have imagined as well as making the point that the actual form of reality follows our mental perception of its form. Could it be that mystical events happen when our current reality begins to collide with the reality that exists here but in a slightly different phase of motion?

Perhaps spirits and fantastic appartitions aren’t far away in a mystical land but rather right here among our molecules in the space between!

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