Dolphins Don’t Use Hands

If we wanted a fish dinner we would have to use a net or a line. This would probably seem quite primitive to a dolphin. Dolphins can create a sonic wave that stuns fish like a killer ray. They then swim up and have a snack.

Of course dolphins have taken an interest in human since we went back down to the sea. Dolphins have advanced hearing and echolocation capabilities.

They also exhibit human-like socialization such as the teaching of the use of tools. Could this teaching be done through vocalizations as well as demonstration? This would make our sleek-headed companions of the sea very much like us.

But what else do dolphins do in those places out of reach from humans? What strange rituals and communications do these strangely intelligent creatures join in out in the sea? What things have they learned to do with no hands?

Lots of stories exist of dolphins saving and healing humans, pushing them to shore or bringing them up from the depths. When the child Elian Gonzalez was floating at sea he was surrounded by a pod of protective dolphins. Swimmers have told of dolphins healing their cut limbs by nosing up to them. And before you think this is impossible- maybe the dolphins have evolved the ability to secrete a blood clotting agent.

That would be just another way of getting by without hands!

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    Antes pensaba de otro modo, gracias por la ayuda en esta pregunta.

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