A Flock of Wheeling Birds

Have you ever watched a large flock of birds fly all as one mass? They whirl and turn together creating fascinating patterns and moving in amazing synchronicity. How do they manage to stay in such co-ordination?

Scientific research has shown that birds do not have quick enough reflexes to adapt their movements to those of the birds around them. There is not one leading bird and all the other followers- imagine how complicated that would be- thousands of birds all trying to judge what hundreds of other birds are doing around them then adapting their movements literally on the fly. Inconceivable!

When birds mass together to fly as a group their brains can become merely part of a larger mass brain. Using a physiological effect that can only be described as ESP or “mind-reading” the birds concede their individual decision-making to a mass navigational brain made up of their aggregate pieces.

Perhaps the smoothness of the surface of the bird’s brain makes transmitting and receiving physical commands easier. If you have been part of a dance troupe or any mass movement of people you may have experienced a sense of “falling into step” or a feeling that your body was moving of its own accord.

There are more ways to absorb information than through the eyes, ears and intellect. Watch thousands of birds wheeling together as one. They know.

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