Mystery of the Healing Skulls

Indiana Jones’ latest adventure concerning a mystical crystal skull may be closer to the truth than any Hollywood scriptwriter dare imagine! Skulls such as these exist and though they might not sing out when handled by Harrison Ford they are reputed to move and heal the sick.

The most famous of these mysterious polished antiquities is the Mitchell-Hedges skull a crystal replica of the human skull complete with a removable jaw. The construction of the skull is said to defy the law of physics with a single piece of crystal sanded to a smoothness that would take hundreds of years to accomplish by hand. A fire can be lit with a ray of light from the eye.

This is the most perfect of a group of polished skulls that exist in museums and private collections and the Mitchell-Hedges skull is reputed to be one of the thirteen skulls given to ancient holy men by the gods to help humankind through times of crisis!

The skulls originated mainly in central America and some have credited their little understood creation to the fabled civilization of Atlantis, others to aliens and some to as-yet unknown civilizations whose technological abilities challenge our perceptions of historical progression.

Who created the skulls? Why? And what relevance do these fascinating relics hold to our rapidly changing world today?

Where is Indiana Jones when we need him most?

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