A Hole Through Rock

Small circular dimples can be found rubbed by hand through the solid rock in many ceremonial places around the world. These few inch-deep, round bowls have been created by scraping another small stone in a circular pattern for hours or days without stopping.

Often the prime feature of a coming of age ceremony, the ritual rubbing of rock was intended to show the initiate (either male or female) a way into an alternate reality where a life-long supernatural helpmate would appear and give answers to basic life questions.

Sometimes this supernatural helper would take the form of an animal or animal/human hybrid. Sometimes the helper might be a tiny person or a facet of the natural world like sunlight or wind. The supernatural helper would then appear throughout the person’s life as a spiritual and practical guide!

Perception, we have rediscovered, not only defines but creates reality. Endless hours of repetitive circular motion and the attendant lack of food and water radically alters one’s perception. The slow grinding away of stone on stone is an excellent to attempt to perceive the forces that join atom to atom and the space between those atoms. The initiate literally concentrates on seeing a way through the stone. Once this dimension has been fully perceived the initiate may enter into this real or perceived reality (there being no difference at that point) and there meeting the magical helper.

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