Know Your Placebo


The placebo effect has long been a sort of thorn in the side of organized medicine due to any efficacy of the placebo being holy mental. For those who don’t know the placebo effect is when a medically useless substance is given to a patient as actual medicine. The patient believes the inert substance is a medicine and in a surprisingly high percentage of situations the placebo functions as an actual medicine.

But new research takes the efficacy of the placebo even one step further. In a recent experiment people with stomach ailments were given medicine they were told was inert and was even labeled “Placebo” on the package. Nevertheless a statistically significant percentage of the patients who took the placebo reported improvement in their medical condition.

How could this be?

The human body is regulated, controlled, and rebuilt by the human mind. Our thoughts, conscious and unconscious, influence the actual physical function of our body. Breathing is probably the easiest to imagine. We can go from consciously breathing to unconsciously breathing as a matter of course.

Other bodily systems as well can move from an unconscious state of dysfunction to an unconscious state of function without our consciously noticing a change.

The mere mental process of giving your body attention can be enough to change the hidden subconscious processes that are causing your system to malfunction.

So go ahead take all the placebos you want. They’re good for you

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    Encuentro que no sois derecho. Discutiremos.

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