Ghostship from the New World

In the early 1300′s a strange ship appeared in the harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark. The ship was built more or less along the lines of the Danish boats but was held together by sealskin ropes rather than nails.

The ship had sailed from Greenland and the settlements that the Danes had abandoned long ago. The settlements had become too risky and expensive to maintain in light of new trade routes to the far east.

At their height the twin settlements had a population of 5,000 people and a lifestyle that matched that of medieval Europe.

This voyage was a last ditch attempt to re-establish contact with the mainland.

The crew failed in convincing the Danes to re-establish connection with the colony. They sailed away into the cold North Atlantic, never to be seen again. It was to be several hundred more years before the Danes revisited Greenland. They found only the ruins of the culture who had sent Leif Erickson on to Newfoundland and the “New World”.

This odd little saga may seem like science fiction- the ancient space ship returning from a long lost colony- but instead it only serves to remind us that truth is the basis for fiction and history is a fascinatingly complex and interwoven thing at which we can only guess the depths!

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