Lebron James vs. his Ego


It must be tough growing up idolized.  To be modest isn’t easy when everyone thinks you’re the greatest and wants to be your friend.  Lebron is one of many child prodigies facing the pressures of incredibly high expectations.  In his case, the highest expectation the NBA has: being the next Michael Jordon.  

Since his rookie year ESPN has been willing him to be a megastar.  Their constant, wishful coverage includes sports-tickers reading, “Lebron almost scores a triple double.”  Almost?  Since when is that ticker worthy?

To be fair, Lebron’s game is incredible.  It has some holes but he’s a legit superstar.  To his credit he’s never been arrested, he’s a good guy and likes to joke around.  But even then, it’s all about him.  He seems to be the kind of guy that gives to charity but only if can let you know he gave.

His actions have been criticized on many fronts including:

  1. Lebron taking his talents to Miami.  Some people were upset Lebron chose Miami over Cleveland, but everyone was critical of the way he did it.  This Hollywood send off included no remorse for leaving, and no class while doing it.  He insulted the City of Cleveland, his teammates, and his former boss Dan Gilbert.
  2. Recently the three stars in Miami nicknamed themselves “The Heatles.” First of all, you don’t give yourself a nickname.  That’s like writing your own roast.  Second, you don’t try to be the Beatles or compare yourself to the Beatles.  You’re not good enough.  Period.  Whitney Houston once declared to a live crowd (in England, no less), “I’m bigger than the Beatles.”  That went about as well for her as rehab.
  3. Personally, my favorite Lebron moment was his confiscating of the Jordan Crawford video from a Nike basketball camp.  In this video, Jordan Crawford (currently plays for Washington) dunks hard over Lebron.  Lebron immediately tried to get the video of this dunk confiscated so the public wouldn’t see it.  It didn’t work, it’s on Youtube. shttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sL3KDhhUZ0  

This, to me, is emblematic of the most telling problem that haunts Lebron:  his ability to concede he’s not always the king on the court.  The fact is Lebron hasn’t won a championship yet.  He’s in his 8th year in the NBA and has been quoted “expecting” to win six or seven before his career is over.  But he has yet to get there just like he has yet to figure himself out. 

Other players have turned the corner by growing up, by “getting it.”  I hope Lebron gets his fill of rings, but sadly it won’t ever be enough to him unless he beats his ego first. 

Make it a good day, 


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