Triumph of the Blade Runner

Oscar Pistorius is a world class 400 meter runner from South Africa who will compete in the 2011 World Track Championships. What makes him special is that he has no legs from the knee down!

Oscar was born lacking his lower legs and competes on specially designed curved “blades”, hence his nickname.

His career began in the Special Olympics but he was not satisfied by this level of competition and sought to compete with the best the world has to offer. A special committee reviewed his case and ultimately decided the blades gave him no special advantage over his full bodied competitors.

Once cleared to compete Pistorius managed on his final try to meet the “A” standard and qualify for the World Championships. He hopes to compete at the next Olympics.

Anyone who thinks that the “blades” give him an unfair advantage has an easy remedy- merely remove their legs from the knees down and and have their own blades created!

Who would believe that a man without legs could compete against world class runners? Oscar Pistorius stands as an example of the incredible ability of people to achieve beyond what we might think is possible.

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